Tax Maps

Filing Requirements: Subdivision Maps

Tax Map/Assessment Data Subscription


Tax Map - Line Drawing - Paper or Electronic Delivery

*Any Tax map emailed will be of the entire page and not of a specific parcel

11 X 17



30 X 21



Tax Map - Over Aerial Photo - On Paper ONLY

11 X 17



30 X 21



Request to Merge Town Maps (per Town)




Tax Map SHP or DWG (per Town) - Electronic Delivery



Tax Map SHP or DWG (per Village) - Electronic Delivery






Assessment Roll Data per Municipality - call for quote


Entire County SHP or DWG - Electronic Delivery



Entire County SHP or DWG - Electronic Delivery

with Assessment Roll Data




Copies of maps can be purchased Monday - Friday.

If you need to have your maps mailed to you there is an additional mailing fee of $1.50 per map.

All map orders must be paid for at the time of ordering.

Fee can be paid by check or cash.

Mail request with fee to:
Real Property Tax Service
560 Warren St
Hudson NY 12534

For More Information Contact:

Jane DeGennaro, Tax Map Technician
Christine DeGraff, Research Technician


All prices are subject to change