County Clerk: Holly Tanner
Deputy Clerk: Patrizia Gallo

(Assumed Name)

Section 130 of the General Business Law requires every person who conducts business in Columbia County, under an assumed name, to execute and file a Business Certificate in the Columbia County Clerk’s Office at 560 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534. Failure to file is a misdemeanor (Sec. 130 (9)).

The forms may be obtained at a stationery store that sells legal forms. The County Clerk’s Office does not supply these forms. The certificate must contain:

•The name under which business is conducted, as well as the address of the business. A post office box is not sufficient.
•The full name, residence and signature of each person conducting the business. A post office box is not sufficient.
•The age of any signer who is less than (18) years old.
•A notary acknowledgment for each signature.
•The filing fee is $25.00 for the Business Certificate and $5.00 for each certified copy.

YOU may determine information if a business name is already on file, by examining the index records in the County Clerk’s Office.

The following may not be added to your business name:
• Corporation
•Incorporated (These are filed with the Department of State in Albany)
• Limited

When a sole proprietor owns a business you may not add the following into your business name:
• Company
• Brothers
• Associates (These names indicate more than one owner to the business)
• Distributors
• And Sons

If you are planning to have a checking account in the business name, the bank usually requires a certified copy of your certificate. Also, the law provides that a certified copy of the original (or last amended certificate) be conspicuously displayed at the place of business. Our fee for certified copies is $5.00 each.


must be filed within (30) days after there is a change. It must refer to the date when the original was filed, give that file number, and set forth the corrections or changes. If the partnership is changing, the old and new partners, as well as one or more of the remaining parties listed on the original or last amended certificate must sign the certificate. For any other amendments, such as a change of business name or address, one or more of the parties listed on the original or last amended certificate must sign. There is a $25.00 filing fee for this certificate.


must be executed and acknowledged by a majority of the persons listed on the original certificate of last amendment. It must also refer to the dates when the original and last amended certificates were filed and give the filing number of the original. It must also give the date the business was discontinued or, if it has not been discontinued, the reason why the Certificate of Discontinuance is filed. There is no filing fee for this form.

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